Kitashirakawa, Kyōto
Seabura Tokusei Shouyu Ramen

The taste of street food
Descended from Kyōto Ramen

Our specialty Seabura Tokusei Shouyu Ramen
Light but still has a depth of flavor.

Please try Kairikiya’s specialty ramen.



Ramen Kairikiya was created in June 2005 at Kitashirakawa, Kyōto.

After inheriting the Seabura Shouyu Ramen (Tokusei Shouyu Ramen), said to be the Kyōto ramen, from a long standing ramen store, and repeatedly improving on it we have perfected the current Seabura Shouyu Ramen (Tokusei Shouyu Ramen) which is ‘light but has a depth of flavor’.

Now we have spread out from Kyōto to Osaka and Hyogo and even further to Kanto and Tohoku. Thanks to this we have many loyal customers.

We have expanded the stores in order for all people in Japan to be able to know and taste the Kyōto Ramen.

As we have taken Kyōto Ramen to the nation we would like to share it with the world in the near future.

We are still starting out but please continue to enjoy Ramen Kairikiya.

Ramen Kairikiya president

Tsukasa Fujita

History of KAIRIKIYA

  • Jun. 2005

    The head office for Kairikiya Ramen was founded in
    Kitashirakawa Sakyo, Kyōto.

  • Jun. 2006

    Expanded to Osaka. “Ramen Kairikiya Minoh Store” opened in Minoh, Osaka.

  • Sep. 2006

    Expanded to Hyogo. “Ramen Kairikiya Takurazuka Store” opened in Takarazuka, Hyogo.

  • Dec. 2009

    Expanded to Kanagawa. “Ramen Kairikiya Tsuzuki Nakahara Highway Store” opened in Yokohama, Kanagawa, becoming the first store in the Kanto area.

  • Jan. 2010

    Expanded to Tokyo. “Ramen Kairikiya Musashimurayama Store” opened in Musashimurayama, Tokyo.

  • Jul. 2010

    Kairikiya Headquarters moved to the current location on the second floor of “Ramen Kairikiya Kitayama Store”.

  • Dec. 2010

    Expanded to Chiba. “Ramen Kairikiya Funabashi Narita Highway Store” opened in Funabashi, Chiba.

  • Dec. 2010

    Kairikiya Kanto Business Headquarters established on the
    second floor of “Ramen Kairikiya Ichigao Store” in
    Yokohama, Kanagawa.

  • Jun. 2011

    Expanded to Saitama. “Ramen Kairikiya Sōka Store” opened in Sōka, Saitama.

  • Apr. 2012

    Expanded to Miyagi. “Ramen Kairikiya Sendai Minami Store” opened in Natori, Miyagi.

  • Oct. 2012

    Started the Kyōto Kujo-Green Onion Ramen Battle. Acquired
    first place in sales, won the ‘semi grand prix’ and ‘top
    design award’.

  • Nov. 2013

    Expanded to Mie. “Ramen Kairikiya Aeon Mall Toin Store” opened in Inabe, Mie.

  • Jan. 2014

    “Kujo-Green Onion Ramen” for sale at Lawsons in the Osaka and Kyōto area under the supervision of Kairikiya.

  • Mar. 2014

    Third cup ramen goes on sale in all Japanese Family Marts.

  • Jul. 2014

    Expanded to Shizuoka. “Ramen Kairikiya Fujieda PA Outbound Store” opened in Fujieda, Shizuoka.

  • Dec. 2014

    Expanded to Aichi. “Ramen Kairikiya Sakae Nagoya Store” opened in Nagoya, Aichi.

  • Feb.2015

    Sold 250 thousand of the fourth cup ramen across all Japanese Family Marts.

  • Apr.2015

    Expanded to Underpass historic Trestle bridge. “Ramen Kairikiya Gotanda” opened in Gotanda, Tokyo.

  • Apr.2015

    Expanded to Okinawa. “Ramen Kairikiya Aeon Mall Okinawa Raikamu” opened in Nakagami-gun, Okinawa.

  • Jun.2015

    Founded 10 anniversary.

  • Jun.2015

    Expanded to Roppongi Hills. “Let's go to Kyoto” opened in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

  • Jun.2015

    Expanded to Bangkok “SAHA Group Fair” opened in Thailand.

  • Apr. 2016

    Expanded to Nara. “Aeon Mall Kashihara” opened in Kashihara city, Nara.

  • Aug. 2016

    Kairikiya Headquarters moved to Shijo Ohmiya.